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Here's Brian 
From: Brian McEvoy
Time: Tuesday, 9:43 a.m.
Re: How Client Testimonials can transform my business...

Hi there,

Are you struggling to convert your website visitors to buyers?

You may think you have a great product, but if no-one else does you won't make any sales. It's really as simple as that.

Have you ever gone out for a meal and seen two restaurants, one empty and the other full of happy customers, having a great time. You choose the busy one right?

The empty one may have been the best in town but there was no social proof to confirm this. So, like everyone else, you eat in the busy one!

It's the same with your website. Customers like to feel they aren't the only ones buying your product or service. When they look through your 'shop window' they want to see plenty of evidence that it's popular.

So if you aren't yet taking full advantage of the power of testimonials in your online business, you're losing money!

This shouldn't be a newsflash, but for most marketers it is:

"Consumers want to see testimonials before trying a new product!"

As an online marketer, how can you beat out the thousands of competitors who want to get the upper hand on you? Give consumers exactly what they're looking for!

Simply by following a few basic principles, you can soon outsmart even the most experienced marketers by harnessing the power of social proof!


Once and for all, this unique book will show anyone how to tackle these challenges:

  Are you just starting out, and don't have anyone to provide testimonials?

  Have you lost track of your sales, and can't get in touch with past customers?

  Do you struggle with putting together a beautiful sales page, testimonials and all, that can make visitors desperate to jump on the sales button?

If so, then...

"Testimonials Are The Answer!" 


 Adeel Chowdhry www.iSpyAuctionRiches.com Hi it's Adeel here from www.iSpyAuctionRiches.com

Brian, I just got a hold of your eBook and just had to leave this comment for you.

I have been marketing online now for quite a few years and I thought I knew everything there was to know about testimonials.

I was obviously wrong. Although I had already been doing many of the things you mention I found some real gold nuggets.

I am already starting to implement a specific technique you mention that I expect to generate me higher conversions and sales on autopilot.

At the end of the day, you have to stand out from the crowd and build social proof.

You really haven't left anything out.
Adeel Chowdhry

It's all here in my ground-breaking book, just take a look at what you will discover inside:

Testimonials 101- How to get them, where to put them, and what they can do for your business!

Anatomy of a good testimonial!

Troubleshooting- Turn your problems into opportunities with proven, ethical techniques!

Do it like the pros- You don't have to be a pro to beat them at their own game!

The social networking revolution- It's happening whether you like it or not! Discover how to make it work for YOU!

Testimonial blueprint- Get ready to have the exact blueprint you need to follow revealed before your very eyes!

Using testimonials to skyrocket your affiliate sales!

The power of GIVING testimonials!


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Great guide to testimonials! I especially like your focus on branding. I believe this is an often overlooked area for many new marketers.

It is so important to brand your business, and you've given some great guidance.
Kevin Riley, Mission Leader


"This is by far the most comprehensive report you will find on testimonials on the internet."



A unique book crammed with beginner through advanced tips, tricks and tactics to really boost your online profits.

To my knowledge there's nothing else like this book available anywhere, at any price.




 So How Much is This Going to Cost?

Do you want to know what it will cost you to get this incredible money making information, information that will keep visitors glued to your site and blast your conversions through the roof?

Testimonial Power! is by far the most comprehensive and effective book on the subject you will find ANYWHERE.  To my knowledge it is the ONLY one of its kind in existence.

And I have some great news for you! Since there are no printing costs for e-books, you can get your copy for way less than if it were a hard copy manual - AND you can get it instantly!  Your investment is now only $5!

Yes, this is a real bargain!  And you can be reading 'Testimonial Power!' (instantly downloadable zipped pdf format) in just two minutes, even if it's 2am in the morning...

So if you're serious about your online business, click the "Buy Now" button below. You're literally one click away from unleashing the power of testimonials on your business. Here's to your success!



Brian McEvoy

P.S. This really is a unique book and I don't know how long I can keep the price at just $5...so order your copy right now!


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More great customer comments...


Erwin Tan www.Erwin-Tan.com Brian,

Since the day I started marketing online, I never realized that testimonials could bring my business to another level until I came across your book.

You have revealed what the pros do to skyrocket their sales and conversion rates. This section alone has revealed the secrets of many gurus.

You really over-delivered. This is truly a must-read book for any marketer.

Thanks for producing an excellent book!
Erwin Tan


Hey Brian,

I downloaded and read your book the same night and I totally loved it.

I always knew the power of a good testimonial but how to get them was a total mystery to me - but your report makes it as clear as day just how to go about doing just that. Overall I think it was a very informative and practical report that anyone can understand.

This one looks like a winner!

To your success,
Jahnyiah Gumbs
Kingstown, St. Vincent


Hi Brian,

I have read through your book and I must say that I am very impressed and very grateful for the information.

I have seen the testimonials on others' pages and have wondered about how to go about getting similar testimonials, where to put them, etc. Your book answered all of my questions and more!

Great job and I will gladly recommend it to anyone who could benefit from having compelling testimonials on their site.
Andy Erickson
Centennial, CO


Brian -

After obtaining a copy of your new book, I was simply AMAZED by all the ways on how to use testimonials not only on my sales pages, but in my email campaigns as well!

And here I thought I knew it all... I'm definitely going to add your suggestions to my next product release! Guess even an old-dog can learn new tricks!
Ray Erdmann


Hi Brian,

I read Testimonial Power and was very impressed! You're right, I've never seen a report just about the power of testimonials.

As you say they are one of the most powerful parts of the sales letter, and can contribute to any product's success.

Dennis Becker


Hi Brian,

I just read through your report, and the first impression that just hits me is... Quality! You have obviously done your research well.

I have known about testimonials and I use them on one of my websites where I sell a martial arts ebook. However, after reading your ebook, I will definitely be going over my sales letter and changing the way I use my own customer testimonials.

Your ebook has given me several new ideas, and has inspired me to take another look at my own pages. It's time to tweak and test to see what makes a difference to my bottom line.

You also give an excellent introduction on how to make use of a smart autoresponder sequence. I have no doubt whatseoever that your ebook is excellent value for the money, and will benefit any beginning Internet Marketer.

I heartily recommend the Testimonial ebook.

Sincerely, David
David Harvey
New South Wales, Australia


I don't know if Brian has come up with a first but I can say this, it's a first for me and I'm going to use his eBook every time I come out with a new product.

In some cases Brian explains why certain tried and tested methods the gurus use work, and in other cases he takes a 180 degree turn and goes completely against conventional guru wisdom and IMHO takes a more ethical stance on the art of getting testimonials.

Yes I said ART. That what Brian's book boils down to. If it were mine, I'd call it The Art of TESTIMONIAL Getting.

Thanks Brian for brilliant, practical and useful information.
George Wright

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